Free Rated Traders is here to bridge the gap

Free Rated Traders is here to bridge the gap between free directories that don't get you business in, but spammed. And Rate-my-Builder type websites that may get your business in, but it costs you a fortune to get it.

We'll stay in beta mode until we're happy to say we're ready to launch fully.

In the meantime, our website is fully operational. It’s completely free to use. No costs at all too the homeowner / potential customer – or the tradesman or tradeswoman who would be creating the listing and winning the work. Not a sausage is charged or paid.

Why FRT Will Work For Your Business


No Costs

We don't charge a sausage for all that we do here on Free Rated Traders, to either the person creating the listing, or the person using the listing to find their local tradespeople.


Checked and Vetted

We're expanding our manpower to vet our listing creators to make sure they can do what they say they can do. This will be ongoing. It's a problem with large companies, they get this wrong.


High Ranking Listings

We run some of the worlds largest construction advice websites. We know this industry already. Our listings will rank in search engines better than most of your own websites will.

Millions of Visitors

Visit our three main construction forums every month. 

320 k+

Electrician Daily Visits

241 k+

Plumber Daily Visits

119 k+

Tiler Daily Visits

310 k+

Potential Customer Visits

The Team Behind The Scenes

Paul Williams

Founder & CEO

Lou Williams

Customer Service & PA

Andrew Smithson

Code Monkey

George Milton

Code QA & Web Dev

It won't be long until we have customers to put here