Your Questions Answered

Common questions about the website as a whole.

How do I add my business for free?

You simply need to register for your free account by clicking Add Your Business in the main menu. Fill in all the details, don't worry, you can save your listing and come back to finish it off at a later date. Or just update your listing with more information as and when you have it, i.e. pictures or YouTube videos etc.

How do potential customers contact me?

There's a simple form on each business listing page that a customer can fill in with their request. You'll get this information by email, and can contact the customer back directly. No fees. No charges. No percentage of the job costs taken. Nothing at all, all free of charge to both you and the potential customer.

How do I register to the free forum?

If you have an account because you created your free business profile, then you can head straight to the forum and start posting topics right away. Otherwise, sign up for free by visiting the forum and clicking 'Register'.

How do I find a local Tradesperson?

You can search by Location, or by Trade type. Simply click the 'Find A Trader' button in the main menu and then contact three to book a visit to provide an estimate. We always recommend booking three tradespeople for each project you need carrying out professionally. Then please do your own research as well as asking them lots of questions. You tend to quickly get a feel for who knows their stuff, and who's just trying to blag a job. Report any poor work to us as soon as you spot it. We'll keep this on file for future reference.