Terms and Conditions


‘We’ is Free Rated Traders or FreeRatedTraders.com. 

‘The Homeowner’ is the term we use for the person using the service to find a tradesperson. This could actually be an architect, property developer, a fellow tradesperson, or anybody else using the service to find a tradesperson. 

‘The Tradesperson’ is the term we use for the person who is behind the listing, it’s not always the business owner, but it will usually be somebody related to the business such as an external marketing department or team. For ‘one-man-bands’ (a tradesperson who runs the business and is self-employed with no staff) it is nearly always going to be them we’re talking about.

‘The Service’ is the term we use for all our services on our website. Which include (but are not limited to):-

  • Providing hosting space for tradespeople to add their business to
  • Provide business profiles that are searchable by anybody using the website, including homeowners
  • Provide a forum for all to use
  • …. more will be added to this soon.

We strive to keep our website free to use for all. 

Any abuse of our free services will result in termination of your listing(s) and / or account(s). 

These terms and conditions do not affect your limited liability as a user of a free service in the United Kingdom. 

We do not need to follow EU Laws. We do not need to follow Californian Laws either. We are a website that operates from the UK, hosted in “the cloud” and not in the UK. But managed from the UK.

We will update these terms and conditions soon. We may update these terms and conditions as we see fit, and may not always inform you off minor or major changes. So please do refresh yourself when you visit the website again, and in doing so, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions of use again.