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Welcome to our new website, Free Rated Traders;

We own a few tradesperson advice websites. Free Rated Traders is owned and operated by Ekthetikos. Ekthetikos also own and operate the UK’s largest Tilers Forum, Plumbers Forum, and Electricians Forum.

Free Rated Traders provide a place that tradesmen and tradeswomen can come and share advice, find good suppliers, discuss changes in their individual industries, use the buying power of thousands of tradespeople to get cheaper prices from suppliers. People going through training can get help with their work, whether practical or theory. And then we help those tradesmen and women to get online and get business from the internet in general.

Listing websites and directories we’ve given a half-hearted go of before

We’ve tried this a few times now. And even our forums have directories on them. So you can find a tiler, find a plumber, and find an electrician using the forums themselves. We also had a domain (sexist these days but it was a long time ago) but at the time there were no,,,, and all the other rate-my-builder type websites knocking around.

Are They Managing To Charge Because We Have Missed Something?

Perhaps we’ve missed something, but these websites often have massive investors, usually have hundreds of thousands of registered tradespeople, thousands of jobs a week go through them. And either the tradesperson has to pay to get access to the customers job, or the customer has to pay to list the job, or both. Sometimes it’s a standard fee, some charge a percentage of the job price, which is crazy.

The customer pays all the bills in the end

If you think about it, whether the website charges the customer or the tradesperson, the customer still pays. If a tradesperson needs to pay £50 to access a job, let’s say, and they need to pay a few of those to win a job. Then the a job gets won, a customer has a £1000 loft conversion or something else done to their house, and that £1000 now goes to the tradesperson, who has it in his bank, who then spends some of it on trying to win more work.

So the customer has paid in this instance, even though the website says they charge the tradesperson.

And more up front and open websites will charge the homeowners to list the jobs perhaps, and the tradesperson doesn’t have to pay directly themselves. And in this instance, the customer also clearly pays the bill.

So no matter what type of setup a website has – the customer is paying for it.
And that is money that should be either being spent on the job, as in to a supplier of the products, or to the person installing those products.

These websites have found and created a whole industry that didn’t exist a decade or so ago.

Free Rated Traders Wont Charge A Penny

And we want to help put an end to it. We wont charge the homeowner a penny. And we wont charge the tradespeople a penny either. One day, down the line, when our sections are busy, we will take a look at charging to have listings higher up the results or something. We might even go with a simple Pay-per-Click type advert on each search result page or something. Just something to cover our running costs.

Free Rated Traders don’t have TV and Radio advertisements. Free Rated Traders don’t sponsor massive prime-time TV shows and the likes.

Maybe one day. But not this year…. Rodders. 😉

What do Free Rated Traders do for the Construction Industry Then?

Well, though our network of construction industry websites we offer many services, all free of charge. Then we make the websites popular, drive lots of traffic to them, then stick ads on them and make our money that way. We don’t charge the tilers, plumbers or electricians. Or their customers.

Right now you can post a tiling job to our tiling forum, post a plumbing job to our plumbing forum, or post an electrical job to our electricians forum.

Each of the forums has a basic directory on them too, though they’ve never really taken off brilliantly. We’re hoping an external Find Rated Tradespeople website will work this time. So we can drive traffic to this, and the listings, and then push these on the forums and close down our directories on those forums.

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